MAN TGS 39WB Tractor Price, Promos, DP & Monthly Installment

MAN TGS 39WB Tractor 2024 Price in Philippines available at . Checkout the Juni Promos with lowest downpayment and monthly Installments.

MAN TGS 39WB Tractor Overview

The MAN TGS 39WB Tractor is priced at. TGS 39WB Tractor from MAN Indonesia comes in Diesel engine with 12400cc engine displacement that offers hp of power. The MAN TGS 39WB Tractor is available in 16-Speed Manual transmission that has a fuel economy of kmpl. 39WB Tractor offered in 0 colors:. The lowest monthly installment for MAN TGS 39WB Tractor is for Juni with the downpayment of. This Tractor Head Trailer Trucks competes with Tata Prima LX 2528K, Tata Prima 4023S, Tata Prima 4028S, Tata Prima 4928S, Mitsubishi Colt FE 84G HDL. The Other MAN TGS Variants are: 33.360 6x4 Tractor Head, 40.480 6x4 Tractor Head, 40.400 6x4 Tipper, 40.440 6x6 Tipper, 39WB Tractor.

MAN TGS 39WB Tractor Specifications

MAN TGS 39WB Tractor Features


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